Collaboration for breakthrough innovation.

The American Chamber of Research is an online, independent organization dedicated to enabling researchers worldwide to use technology responsibly in order to improve or enhance things. Well-stacked researchers, cutting-edge technologies, and substantial talents are among the ACR’s treasured assets; these factors contribute to improved research results.

The American Chamber of Research works to foster the exchange of creative research ideas and to bring together novel ideas, experimentation, research theses, journals, and periodicals on a wide range of issues worldwide.


The major goal of the American Chamber of Research is to improve research quality while keeping an eye out for innovations and utilizing appropriate technology to preserve excellence. This is done with the ultimate goal of improving research activity globally.

In addition, ACR brings together academic publications, research studies, and periodicals from all over India under one roof to facilitate easy physical and online accessible for our stakeholders.


“Discovering the unknown one step at a time.” There are passionate and informed leaders in the American Chamber of Research Meet from all around the world. We take great pride in the work we do. We pledge to identify and certify sustainable leaders in order to foster their development. Our boards of directors provide direction and counsel, as well as some instruction and moral principles.

Pursuing the realization of our goal while adhering steadfastly to the following values:

Bolstering creative concepts
Promoting a qualitative research culture
Inspiring the next generation of scholars
Fostering communication between researchers at all levels to promote more Knowledge exchange
Promoting interdisciplinary studies
Enhancing the availability of research articles and journals from throughout world
Research assistance