As a result, each of us personally swears to uphold these moral principles as ACR members. We will make an effort to:

1) ensure that the goods and services we offer uphold the greatest standards of honesty, integrity, and quality; and

2) Take on the task of finding and creating top-notch computer services and products that will satisfy the particular and ever-changing needs of research.

3) We feel that the ideal way to elevate the caliber of our sector is to assess a product’s usefulness and quality before making it available to our customers.

4) Develop and employ innovative concepts and provide assistance to those who will further the advancement of research.


The two key problems that inform the American Chamber of Research’s core plan for 2015–2050 are that society has to increase its capacity for innovation in both the public and commercial sectors and that it needs to improve sustainability across the board.

The Research Council’s efforts from 2015 to 2020 are outlined in the Research for Innovation and Sustainability strategy.

Six objectives

The plan has been developed to address societal issues that call for robust, innovative research environments capable of competing and growing within a global context. To address these issues, the following six goals have been established for the strategy period:

1. Boost funding for ground-breaking research and innovation;

2. Advance studies for long-term solutions in industry and society;

3. Foster a more inventive and research-focused business sector;

4. Encourage the public sector to spearhead and carry out research in reform and renewal projects;

5. Boost involvement in research initiatives and international cooperation; and

6. Act as a strategically-focused research council that encourages coherence and renewal in the research system.

Regarding these six goals, the plan outlines the Research Council’s major course of action. These entail launching new initiatives as well as enhancing and expanding current ones. The action items will be crucial in the government’s long-term plan for research and higher education follow-up.

Additional policy documents

The Research Council’s numerous strategy and policy documents in important areas are supported by the primary strategy. These offer a more thorough breakdown of the goals and main focus areas of the Research Council. For further information on each of the particular topics included in the core strategy, please refer to these strategy plans.


The American Chamber of Research’s members acknowledge that they have a professional and scientific interest in the interconnection of social, technical, and ecological systems. They are committed to learning and sharing information that promotes multidisciplinary professions and the sciences.
The American Chamber of Research supports the following guiding principles, which embody fundamental scientific and professional values of our field and aim to encourage the highest standards of scientific and professional behavior among its members.

Members are expected to:

1. Maintain the highest standards of professional conduct, scientific inquiry, and unwavering dedication to knowledge growth.
2. Respect other people’s rights and successes and give due credit to others for their contributions and ideas.
3. Aim to steer clear of any conflicts of interest.
4. Exhibit social responsibility in your scientific and professional practice by taking into account the people they help and the people they ignore through your work.
5. Offer frank and unbiased counsel on topics in which they are knowledgeable and experienced.
6. Try to inculcate these ethical norms in students at all educational levels as mentors of the upcoming generation of scientific and professional leaders.

ACR Members Fee

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200 USD
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Rewards of ACR Certificate:

1. Grants international credibility.
2. Raise the standard of excellence in your resume.
3. Help you with interviews.
4. Emphasize your abilities and expertise.
5. My sincere gratitude for your labor and study fields.
6. Makes you reach a multitude.