The discovery-makers

Being a Country Director entails a lot of important tasks and obligations that must be fulfilled. Examine the points listed below and note how they are interwoven with the American Chamber of Research.
The first stage is to raise public knowledge of the value of the American Chamber of Research credential among individuals, institutions, and organizations. We must explain to them how this international certificate will benefit their future careers.

Become the Country Director




  1. In order to generate more leads and issue more certifications, we must exercise extreme caution and pay attention to detail.
  2. Additionally, we will offer you complete assistance in choosing the course, syllabus, and certifications. All you need to do is make concerted efforts to organize conferences internationally in order to disseminate the virtues and advantages of the American Chamber of Research certificate.
  3. The country director must, above all, produce 1,000 or more certifications annually.
  4. Our primary goal is to provide affordable, high-quality research education. Thus, we must put forth maximum effort to provide the greatest number of certifications.


  1. We are happy to inform you that becoming the Country Director is a truly honorable role that will make you feel appreciative everywhere you go. In addition, you will oversee all of the study centers you plan to create as the head of your assigned nation.
  2. You will receive an official certificate for approved country director from the American Chamber of Research that you can use anywhere. It helps you to carry out your obligations and tasks while seamlessly planning a meeting or an international conference.
  3. Your signature will be included to the candidate’s certificate as a contribution to this important role. This will be an additional benefit that each country director will receive.