The American Chamber of Research’s members acknowledge that they have a professional and scientific interest in the interconnection of social, technical, and ecological systems. They are committed to learning and sharing information that promotes multidisciplinary professions and the sciences.

The American Chamber of Research supports the following guiding principles, which embody fundamental scientific and professional values of our field and aim to encourage the highest standards of scientific and professional behavior among its members.

Members are expected to:

1. Maintain the highest standards of professional conduct, scientific inquiry, and unwavering dedication to knowledge growth.
2. Respect other people’s rights and successes and give due credit to others for their contributions and ideas.
3. Aim to steer clear of any conflicts of interest.
4. Exhibit social responsibility in your scientific and professional practice by taking into account the people they help and the people they ignore through your work.
5. Offer frank and unbiased counsel on topics in which they are knowledgeable and experienced.
6. Try to inculcate these ethical norms in students at all educational levels as mentors of the upcoming generation of scientific and professional leaders.